Interview Questions

Sqlserver Interview Question’s for Production DBA

1. Explain Sqlserver2005 Architecture?
2. At the time of Sqlserver2005 Installation which services will install and what will be their
3. What is the purpose of Sqlserver broker?
4. What are the types of backup’s available in Sqlserver2005 and how do you differentiate
them with Sqlserver2000?
5. What is the difference between Recovery and restore?
6. Is there any way to do a page level recovery using full backup?
7. How do you validate a backup file?
8. How do you take a full backup without breaking its LSN chain?
9. Explain Sqlserver2005 Security Architecture?
10. What is a difference between Principal and Securable?
11. What is schema?
12. Which editions of Sqlserver support table partition?
13. What is Logshipping and Database Mirroring?
14. How database Mirroring works? What are the types of modes available?
15. What is Endpoints?
16. How many cluster nodes are supported by Standard edition?
17. What is AWE and how can be it used?


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