Configuring MS DTC

Posted: April 1, 2008 in Sqlserver

Configuring MS DTC


MS DTC should be configured on a new server to allow distributed transactions.


1) This should be done through selecting Programs-Administrative Tools – Component Settings.


2) This will open the Component Services.


3) You will find Console.  If you expand this, you will find Component Services.


4) Under component Services, you will find Computers directory.


5) Under Computers directory, we can find My Computer.


6) Right click on My Computer and select Properties.


7) In the Properties, we need to select the MSDTC Tab.


8) At the bottom of the screen, we will find Security Button.


9) Click on this button to go the Security Screen.  There you will find the settings that should be made so that the remote transactions can be allowed.


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